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Affinity Avenue is the culmination of several successful marketing strategies neatly packaged into one highly effective vehicle. Combining elements of loyalty, promotional, database and lifestyle marketing, Affinity Avenue is a sophisticated, yet a highly cost effective marketing tool.

Affinity Avenue features entertainment (music, movies, games, video) or business content distributed on media, such as a CD, with promotional call outs drawing attention to exclusive offers our Clients wish to communicate to targeted consumers. Given its highly targeted approach, these offers feature exclusive savings on products and services offered by our clients or their business partners.

The real magic happens when the user inserts the media into a Web-enabled device like a computer or a PDA. The user gets directed to a Micro Site featuring exclusive offers and promotions. All they need to do is register to take advantage of these great offers.

The Affinity Avenue product drives loyalty and affinity while also providing a great marketing vehicle to drive sales. Care to learn more about Affinity Avenue and Odigo Marketing's other capabilities? Drop us a line. We'd love to see how we can further drive your success.

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MybusinessMVP is an online portal featuring business productivity and marketing services aimed at business individuals, small office / home office and small business customers. MybusinessMVP provides an easy and effective way for companies to sales business class services to small business.
  • Up to 10 categories will be represented. They include: Web Hosting, Digital Marketing Services, CRM services, Remote Access, Virtual Office, Hosted Voice, Enhanced Marketing Services, etc.
  • Each selected Vendor’s offering will be exclusive to the category. Vendors with multiple offerings may be selected to participate in more than one category however each category will only feature one “best in breed” service.
  • MybusinessMVP will serve as a ONE STOP DESTINATION for small businesses and business consumers to learn about and eventually sign up for these services via the MybusinessMVP hosted ordering interface.
  • Each MybusinessMVP portal created for Odigo Marketing Clients will be highly informative, interactive and feature dynamic content designed to answer basic questions. Features include:

    - Multimedia (i.e. flash) demos and tutorials
    - Live chat (phase I) & call center support (phase II); Odigo Marketing or Vendor provided.
    - Features and benefit section of vendor’s service offering
    - Real time demonstrations (i.e. text messaging on cell phones)

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The Mobile Storm suite of products provide digital marketing solutions for the right-size companies. We provide a range of on-demand solutions designed for organizations ranging from small businesses to Global 2000 enterprises that helps them quickly, easily and reliably create, deliver and analyze successful email, sms, voice, fax, rss, and direct mail marketing campaigns.

With Mobile Storm, you can communicate and market to your entire database through a single system, whether you want to send a broad reaching message to your entire database or highly targeted message to a select few important contacts. You can do all of this and more by thinking outside of the inbox.

Odigo Marketing can provide you the power to control your own direct marketing campaigns. Just give us a call so we can put the power into your hands.

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